Naratech is a Middle Eastern Distributor of Intelsius temperature controlled packaging solution


As Naratech Pharma Consultancy look to further expand their global network they are excited to announce a new partnership with UK based  Intelsius, Intelsius has continued to push the envelope, developing technological services unavailable elsewhere in the temperature-controlled packaging industry.. This cuts clients’ costs and development by up to 70%. It also allows for advanced lane shipping tests meaning you can be sure that temperature excursions will not occur in even the most extreme environments. .

Intelsius were introduced to Naratech clients’ from across the Middle East at their annual cold chain event. The Arab Pharmaceutical Cold Supply Chain conference and exhibition was run for a sixth consecutive year from the 24th -25th of October.
With Naratech acting as an Intelsius distributor serving Middle East customers, Intelsius has further extended their ability to satisfy their global customer base. Intelsius products can now be purchased from a multitude of sites with distributor coverage extending into all six major continents.

By working with new global distributors Intelsius can further achieve the vision of “Protecting Life’s Most Precious Cargo” through the supply and design of innovative passive temperature controlled packaging solutions.        

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